Cable & pipe locators

D & B Equipment Sales has grown substantially to become customers No. 1 choice in effective and reliable cable & pipe locator equipment.

We offer only the latest cutting edge technology locators which have proven themselves in the market place

We offer only the latest and upgraded products in cable & pipe locators

CAT and Genny: Drive best practice, reduce utility strikes, and improve safety

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) systems enable operators to detect underground utilities, particularly non-conductive pipes and ducts, using high-frequency Radar.

Pearpoint provide a wide array of Pushrod and Crawler pipeline inspection systems.

Used to locate buried plastic Water Pipes, Gas Pipes and any other non-magnetic utility, Sondes are self-contained transmitters that are used with our cable and pipe locators.
The integrity of buried pipelines is of paramount importance for safety, environmental and cost reasons.

Schonstedt and Radiodetection locators are designed to provide the best performance in magnetic metal location in the industry.

Cable Locators & Pipe Locators

We are customer’s number one choice when looking for cost-effective and reliable pipe and cable locators. We offer only the latest and upgraded products in pipe, cable and electric inspection solutions on the market from Pearpoint, Radiodetection is a global leader in the most advanced equipment for advanced construction capabilities.

Our products will save you time & money, reduce the risk of serious accidents as well damage to existing buried infrastructure.

Beginning at the base level pipe and cable locators, all the way through to refined and complexed pipe inspection systems. We will always be happy to discuss and assist you with the most efficient and applicable solutions for your company and its specific needs.

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